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Practice Areas

Residential Real Estate
Taking the Key
Are you looking to buy or sell a home? Our team has a combined 25 years of experience in residential real estate and has worked through hundreds of contracts. When complex issues arise or the other side gets difficult, we rise to the occasion. Purchasing or selling a home for the first time can be stressful and confusing.  We specialize in helping first time homebuyers. Our goal is to help you understand the process so you are comfortable and confident on the closing date.
For our clients who are more seasoned homeowners, we will tailor the real estate transaction to your needs to the best of our ability.

We offer free consultations to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. We look forward to hearing from you! Call us now
Estate Planning
Managing Finances
It is stressful to think about what would happen if you or a loved one was injured, disabled or unfortunately passed away. We assist clients in planning how their estate would be handled if those events occurred. We specialize in drafting wills, trusts, deeds, powers of attorney and other necessary legal documents.

Imagining and preparing for an accident or end of life can be emotionally difficult and we approach all our estate planning with compassion and patience.

Please call us at 331-622-0432 to set up a free consultation.  
Family Law
Kids Running

We assist clients with all family law related issues.  This may include:


  • Divorce

  • Paternity

  • Parent’s decision making and parenting time (commonly referred to as “custody”)

  • Child Support 

  • Mediation

  • Post Decree matters 

  • Adoption

  • Emancipation


These family law issues very often come hand-in-hand with other legal problems such as the sale of a home, an order of protection, a criminal proceeding, or a DCFS investigation. We assist with all these matters, preventing you from having to hire multiple attorneys. 


We have extensive experience and training in working with clients who have been harassed or abused in the course of their relationship or within their family unit. We have worked with our community partners and law enforcement to fight for these individuals so they can be treated fairly by the legal system. We have worked on cases with children of all ages who also have complex emotional reactions to these monumental changes in their lives. Attorney Laura Conroy is a certified guardian ad litem and mediator. Contact us for further information.

Orders of Protection
Judge Gavel

The attorneys at the law offices of Kelley Flinn are experts in all protective orders, including orders of protection, stalking no contact orders, civil no contact orders, and criminal protective orders. We have worked with victims and survivors of all types of traumatic events. If you have been a victim of harassment, abuse, stalking, sexual abuse or assault, or you are a victim in a pending criminal matter, you may qualify to obtain one of these orders. These matters should be addressed as quickly as possible. While many people represent themselves in these proceedings, it may be incredibly helpful to have representation and guidance along the way.


Our firm also represents those who have received orders of protection and are named as respondents in the petition. Having an order entered against you could be potentially damaging to employment or to your criminal record. We are here to advise clients on how to handle this situation and have solutions to combat these orders in court. Please call our office as soon as possible. 


If you are a victim of domestic violence and need more resources or you are currently in crisis, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 and they will provide you with local resources.

Criminal Defense
Witness In Courtroom
Both attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience working on criminal cases. These cases range from traffic offenses to more serious misdemeanor offenses and to the most serious, felony offenses. Our attorneys have experience litigating bond hearings, pretrial motions, representing clients in trials and post-trial matters.

Having worked on both sides, we have the perspective to see your case as a whole and provide realistic legal advice. Call us today!
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